Best Affiliate Programs For Cam Sites That Accept Bitcoin Payments

Bitcoin Cams Affiliate Programs

Best Affiliate Programs For Cam Sites That Accept Bitcoin Payments

Bitcoin Cams affiliate programs are created in partnership with the world’s largest adult webcam networks. Therefore, we can offer you best affiliate programs for cam sites that accept Bitcoin payments. There are two main type of affiliate programs that we recomend. Revshare programs are the most profitable type of affiliate programs when you search best long-term potentials. For those who prefer quick results, Pay Per Signup (PPS) is affiliate program where the affiliate gets a fixed one time commission for each referral. In order to get the commission, in some cases referred customer will need to verify e-mail or to make first purchase after they sign-up. This program is similar to Pay Per Lead progran (PPL) where the affiliate gets paid per each free signup they refer to the network. You get paid for everyone, regardless of whether they make a purchase or not. If you’re traffic is just signing up without purchasing, you will probably be forced to switch on revshare. Conversion is a vital key element in affiliate marketing so revshare is in most cases the best long-term option for both sides. Bellow you will find best affiliate programs for cam sites that accept Bitcoin payments. Bitcoin Cams work only with adult webcam networks that accept and support Bitcoin payments.

Bitcoin Cams Affiliate Programs

Most Profitable Bitcoin Cams Affiliate Programs From Adult Webcam Networks That Allow Uncensored Public Chat Option

Chaturbate Affiliate Program

Affiliate Programs for Cam Sites

Two different affiliate programs and probably the best adult webcam network in the world. Chaturbate affiliate program offers a 20% revshare. Affiliates will earn 20% of all credit purchases made by the new customers referred to the site. Chaturbate also offers a Pay-Per-Lead program (PPL). Affiliates will earn up to $1 commission for each new signup.

In addition to the customer referral program, Chaturbate affiliates can also take advantage of the webmaster and webcam model referral programs. 

BongaCash Affiliate Program

Affiliate Programs for Webcam Sites

BongaCash is the official affiliate program for BongaCams. Best Pay-Per-Lead program (PPL).  Affiliates will earn up to $4.50 for each confirmed signup. The $4.50 commision for each signup is paid for top-tier countries but BongaCash also offers generous rates for all other major countries. Lifetime 25% revshare program have better long term potential, as you’ll be earning as long as they are a part of the website.

Model and webmaster referral program can earn you additional 5% of referred webmasters and models lifetime earnings.

StripCash Affiliate Program


StripCash is the official affiliate program for StripChat. This is currently invite only program. StripCash pays a 20% lifetime revshare for all new referrals. Every time the the customer you referred purchases tokens, you will get 20% of the total amount of money spent on the site. For those who prefer quick results, they also offer Pay-Per-Lead programs (PPL). In order to be credited up to $5, users will need to verify e-mail after sign-up.

Model referral program will earn you from $25 up to $75 while webmaster referrals can get you 5% of their earnings.

How To Create Adult Webcam Site

How To Earn Bitcoins With Adult Webcam Affiliate Programs

All adult webcam networks we work with, accept and support Bitcoin payments. Therefore, after you sign up with our partners above, you will be able to chose Bitcoin as your payout option. Great way to increase your affiliate earnings are whitelabel webcam sites and adult tubes. Creating live webcam website without required knowledge can end up with poor user experience and without required SEO which will make your site invisible on search engines. If you want to avoid this problems you are in the right place. Whitelabel webcam sites that we create using API codes are powerful SEO sites. For certain keywords they usualy appear on the first places in search results for selected niche. Creating whitelabel webcam site in some cases can be done in minutes and sometimes it can take up to few weeks or even months to create optimized SEO friendly websites. Adult tube sites are another great way to generate traffic. They can be made with embed adult videos from other popular tube sites but you will have to SEO every single post. Its a tedious work but thats how it works to create unique content. Without optimization and backlinks you will not make any organic traffic. Moreover, you will probably be penalized by Google for duplicate content if you dont know the right way to do SEO. 

If You Are Looking How To Create Adult Webcam Site With Thousands Live Models, You Came To The Right Place

We can create powerful webcam sites and adult tubes for you. Our All-In-One package include all consultations, registrations, custom design, domain, lifetime hosting and support, logo design, SEO – search engine optimization with high-quality backlinks and free advertising on cam sites review websites. You will get your own working adult webcam site with thousands live models. You will only need to fill your payout details and you will be ready to start earning money. Once when your webcam site starts to generate enough traffic you can also earn additional money from advertising on your adult webcam site.

Whitelabel Site And Adult Tubes Will Generate You Organic Traffic And Increase Your Affiliate Earnings

The more traffic you create, the more money you will make. If you’re not able to create traffic and refer new customers to a webcam network, you’ll never make money through affiliate program. That being said, it takes a while to build up good optimized sites that will generate you organic traffic. Most adult webcam networks for their whitelabels nowadays have robots.txt file that instructs bot crawlers not to index your whitelabel page. If your site contain file that prevent indexing, you will remain completely invisible. Moreover, basic whitelabel sites will never create significant organic traffic through search results if search engines will see it as duplicate content. We can create your own whitelabel webcam site for free if you register for affiliate program through our partner networks listed above. Don’t expect miracles from our free option but you will have your own working website to start earning through affiliate program. You will only need to purchase your own domain and find a way to generate traffic.

We like to say only the sky is the limit. If you have a vision, we will turn that vision into working product. We can create anything you can imagine. Adult tube sites with or without content where thousands of new videos can be added every day with just one click using appropriate plugins and scripts. Beside simple adult tube sites we can also create tube sites with integrated live webcams with all scripts and plugins you will ever need. We also offer our premium adult domains for sale, completely finished aged webcam sites and working adult tube sites. Prices go from few hundred dollars up to hundred thousand dollars so before we can offer you something, you must provide us your budget and your vision. There is a price for everything in this world and everything can be done or bought for the right price. Even this website can be bought if your offer is high enough.

We accept Bitcoin and cryptocurrency as payment option and we demand only 10% deposit to start creating your site.

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Best Affiliate Programs For Cam Sites That Accept Bitcoin Payments

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